How 2 Study Law

Your Guide to Bar Exam Success

David Springfield Esquire

  • Introductory Note - Study With Passion
  • Before Getting Started
  • How 2 Essentials - Time and Energy Management
  • Study Phase 1 - Course Work
  • Study Phase 2 - Exam Preparation
  • How I Prepared for the California Bar Exam and Passed
  • Appendix A - Helpful Websites
  • Appendix B - United States State Bar Organizations
  • Appendix C - Law Schools

David Springfield has produced a great tool for law students. Fresh and innovative advice that will ensure you study smarter, not longer. Use this guide and pass the Bar!

"Highly recommended!"

"This guide is packed with no-nonsense study advice."

Dean of Northwestern California University School of Law

What our readers say:

Dear professor Springfield,

I recently enrolled in Law School, and discovered your book and bought it today. I read it cover to cover in about an hour. I was really happy to see such an organized, easy-to-read approach to an overwhelming task. I particularly appreciated your thoughts on how to improve one’s concentration and getting the definitions memorized methodology.

You have chosen a style, format and content that encourages the student to endure the process with a very sensible approach that respectfully doesn't take a lot of time to incorporate into an already demanding schedule.

I just really wanted you to personally know when you hit the mark with new students, as there is such a plethora of information for students to buy products which they may not need or use. My thanks to you for such sage and sound advice, and I look forward to seeing your future presentations.

Excerpt from a letter by Mr. B.B.—1L.

Dear Mr. Springfield,

I just finished reading your book and it was great, thank you. I'm a 4th year law student and I'm getting started on bar review now. Your book was helpful to step back and take in the big picture and frame an overall approach.

Thanks again,

S. M. —4L